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Were you looking for _!2222’s counterparts?: Graveweed or Boxbyte?


_!2222 is a glitched enemy in FNaF World. The glitched enemies can transform into many different enemy characters in FNaF World. However, this enemy specifically turns into Boxbyte and Graveweed. The Enemy glitches between the two characters when battling and bounces up and down like any other character.


 This animatronic turns into Boxbyte and Graveweed. Unfortunately for the player, the Glitched Enemies can use the basic attack and alarm - alarm is an instant kill. This can make _!2222 extremely hard to beat. The recommended characters for these types of enemies is Endo-02 or Endoplush, or even the chip Auto: Sheld, for the shield against the alarm attack. The player will need to make sure they have decent high-level characters as well to ensure victory against the harder glitched enemies.(Jack-O-Chica is good for the buzzsaw)

In FNaF World

_!2222 is an enemy you may encounter in FNaF World, in the universe zone. But this is the only place the player can encounter this type of enemy. To get to the universe zone, the player must walk through a tree stump with a bird sitting on it in Choppy's Woods, A rock near a dancing shadow in Dusting Fields and a tombstone found in Blacktomb Yard.

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  • The glitched enemies can be many different characters.
    • They can only be found in the glitched world (&*___TWRE).
  • The Different glitched enemies cannot use any attack in the game.
    • This glitched enemy specifically can use the basic attack and Alarm - an instant kill that can only be blocked by Neon Wall.
  • Glitched enemies rotate between 2 enemies in the game. In this enemy, it glitches between Boxbyte and Graveweed.

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