4th Wall is a move used by Scott Cawthon (boss), Chipper's Revenge, Adventure Nightmarionne, Adventure Animdude (both Update 2) and % ^^&(. This is one of most powerful attacks in the game, wiping out most of the party in one hit. Other strong attacks are Slasher and Alarm.


4th wall summons a blue spectral-like wall that slams and crushes opponents, dealing 400 damage in the process. It can also cause 8276-9234 damage, but it is unlikely. This makes the 4th wall the most dangerous attack in the game, and one of the few attacks that the playable characters aren't capable of using (except of Adventure Nightmarionne and Animdude in update 2).


  • The attack is a reference to breaking the 4th wall, where a character from a video game, television show, or movie is aware of the fact that they're being watched.
  • If looked at closely, it seems to be created by 4 cubes, which seem to have a strange resemblance to the Scott Cawthon Boss. It is unknown why this is, although it may be referring to the fact that it can kill or damage multiple party members. It could also mean that Scott Cawthon is actually inflicting self-harm while using 4th wall, as it looks very similar to his body.
  • 4th wall chould be the most powerful aggrieved besides slasher
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