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Scott Cawthon is an unlockable character added to the Update 1.2 for FNaF World. He is a playable character after the player finishes "Chica's Magic Rainbow" in more than three minutes.

In FNaF World

Scott is a playable character in FNaF World. He is unlocked if the player beats Chica's Magic Rainbow in more than three minutes (If you do it in less than 3 minutes, you will gain Chipper instead).

As expected for once being the final boss of the game, Animdude is extremely powerful as a playable character; his Neon Wall is a very useful defensive move to halve the damage from any attack, Mega Virus deals high decaying damage (making it especially useful for strong bosses) and 4th Wall is one of the strongest attacks in the game, piercing through defenses and dealing massive damage to all enemies. Because of his sheer strength, it is almost necessary to have him when fighting anyone in the Geist Lair.

His attacks are:

  • Neon Wall-0.gif - A yellow attack that protects the party from 50% of inflicted damage.
  • Virus.gif- A red attack that slowly drains life.
  • 4thwallatk.gif- A purple attack that deals high damage and pierces through defenses


Scott Cawthon is a white and cyan figure sprite, identical to that of the running figure from There Is No Pause Button, and similar to his boss counterpart but its animation slightly faster.

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  • Scott is unique in the way that he was the only Update 2 Character to not be teased in the Update 2 teaser.
  • If you try to fight Scott Cawthon (boss), with Animdude as your party leader, as Scott Cawthon talks to you, your party leader will turn into Freddy, but when you fight him, your party leader is Animdude again.
  • Scott is the only character that doesn't have an attack animation.
  • He is also the only character that has 2 "wall" attacks; Neon Wall and 4th wall.
  • His Character also appears on an arcade machine in JOLLY 3 Chapter 1, a fan game made by IvanG.

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