were you looking for his counterparts Chipper's Revenge or possibly Auto-Chipper?

Mr. Chipper or just Chipper is a character that first appeared on Update 2. He is the father of the main character in Chipper and Sons Lumber Co. Mr. Chipper is, along with Purple Guy, Crying Child and Animdude the only characters that aren't based off an animatronic or have any metallic parts in them. Chipper along with Scott Cawthon are the only characters that appeared in Update 1 as bosses and later as party members for Update 2. He is the only character in the entire game to have brown or any hair on his head. Mr. Chipper's main usage of attacks involves enemy manipulation (Hocus Pocus and Mimic Ball for example.)

In FNaF World

Mr. Chipper can be found in the backstage of the Halloween Update. If the minigame Chica's Magic Rainbow is completed under three minutes, he will join the player and can be used in parties.

Role in Game
  • HocusPocus - A Yellow attack with a chance to turn enemies into weaker ones.
  • Buzzsawatk - A Blazing Orange attack where the character tosses a buzzsaw, it does incredibly high damage.
  • Mimic Ball - A Yellow attack that spawns a Mimic ball, which makes all attacks repeat 1 time.

In Game Dialogue

"This whole place is a graveyard of terrible ideas! This portal in particular goes to something unthinkable, a game called Chica's Magic Rainbow. Don't try to salvage my code from it, it's a lost cause."

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  • He is the only playable character that is not an animatronic or a monster.
  • He has two counterparts: Auto Chipper and Chipper's Revenge.
  • He is one of 3 characters that weren't FNaF characters originally, the others being Coffee and Animdude


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