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Were you looking for Adventure Endo-02's counterparts?: Adventure Endo-01, Mendo, Quad Endo, Mad Endo, Gold Endo, Mad Endo (Halloween Edition), or Adventure Endoplush?

"Not as cute, but more useful."

- Endo-02's loading message

Endo-02 is a unlockable character in Fnaf World.

Endo-02 is the rarely seen 11th animatronic from FNaF 2. He is considered a "rare occurrence" in the game and has no effect on the game itself despite having an AI.

Endo-02 is one of a handful of playable characters in FNaF World to not have been a direct antagonist in the original game series. The others are Endo-01, JJ, Shadow Freddy, RXQ (AKA Shadow Bonnie), Crying Child, the Paperpals, Fredbear, Spring Bonnie, and Endoplush.


His appearance is pretty simple and a lot different from Adventure Endo-01. He has teal-green eyes and 4 fingers along with 2 toes like all other endo's.


Speed Song.gif
Increases the party's speed for a limited time.
Endo Army Button.gif Summons three endoskeletons that shoot lasers.
Neon Wall-0.gif
Summons a defensive wall that halves the damage your party takes.

  • Adventure Endo 02 was the second character to be revealed in the Thank You teasers.

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