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"Feeling empty inside."

- Jack-O-Chica's loading message.

Jack-O-Chica is a character in Update 2 in FNaF World. She is from the original FNaF4: Halloween Edition and reskin of Nightmare Chica. She is unlocked by completing Foxy Fighters with Rank B or lower.


Adventure Jack-O-Chica looks just like Nightmare Chica, but with an orange beak and skin, no eyes, worn out bib, etc. The Nightmare Cupcake  is now a Jack-O-Lantern. It is also notable to see that her eyes seem to be glowing as if there is a light inside of her, making it fitting as a jack-o-lantern animatronic.

In FNaF World

Jack-O-Chica, Chica, and their counterparts are in the game.

Jack-O-Chica's attacks are Haunting, Which summons a ghost Freddy that can turns enemies into stone, Jack-O-Bomb which is a blazing orange attack that let pumpkins rain from the sky that does massive damage and finally Buzzsaw, a Blazing Orange attack that releases a buzzsaw that bounces around and does massive damage.

  • Haunting bu A yellow attack that has a chance to turn enemies into stone.
  • Jack-O-Bombs - A blazing orange attack that summons a large number of jack-o-lanterns to attack enemies. Sometimes this attack will deploy HIGH damage to enemies.
  • Buzzsawatk A blazing orange attack that can deal high damage to all the enemies.

Role in Game

Jack-O-Chica is a playable character in FNaF World. As this character is in FNaF 4 Halloween Edition, Jack-O-Chica was introduced in Update 2.

Jack-O-Chica's loading screen may be a reference to how Jack O Lanterns are hollow inside.

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  • Jack-O-Chica is the only version of Chica to be seen holding a completely different object instead of a cupcake.
  • Jack-O-Chica's bio for her loading screen is referring to her and Jack-O-Bonnie being jack-o-lantern versions of themselves.
  • Nightmare Chica (as Jack-O-Chica) is one of the two nightmare animatronics to receive a recoloured variant for FNaF World, the other being Nightmare Bonnie (as Jack-O-Bonnie).
  • Her attack animation is identical to Toy Chica's, only that Jack-O-Chica holds the item in a different hand.
    • Jack-O-Chica also doesn't blink at all, and it was likely due to the lack of eyes and eyelids. Same applies to Jack-O-Bonnie.
  • Her attack colours matched her physical appearance; Yellow for the candle light, orange for her beak and her talons. This also applies to Funtime Foxy.
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