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"Some things can't be made cute."

- Nightmare BB's loading message.

Nightmare Balloon Boy is a character in FNaF World. He first appeared in Five Nights at Freddy's 4: Halloween Edition as one of the antagonists of the game that replaced Plushtrap. He is unlocked by beating the minigame Foxy Fighters and getting an A rank.


Nightmare Balloon Boy is a humanoid animatronic and the nightmarish version of BB. He looks somewhat the same as his Five Nights at Freddy's 4 counterpart. These include several rows of sharp teeth, red eyes and sharp fingers. His eyes appear to be bigger than from FNaF4. His size appears to have not changed since FNaF 4: Halloween Update, making it look significantly much bigger than the rest of the party members.

In FNaF World

Nightmare Balloon Boy is a new character from Update 2 that is used by the player alongside a party. He is unlocked when the player completes Foxy Fighters with an A rank.

Role In Game

Nightmare Balloon Boy's role in the game is to help the player along with other party members to defeat encountered enemies and bosses. Balloon Boy is one of the most powerful characters in the game and is extremely useful on taking down enemies with Balloons 2, an Blazing Orange attack that launches a multitude of balloons that all choose randomly a target, guaranteeing massive damage on enemies, same with Mega Bite that hits all enemies and does huge amounts of damage. The only attack that doesn`t function for offensive uses is Bubble breath, which is the most important attack in Update 2 as it allows the player to survive the Geist lair`s poisonous atmosphere that drains the party`s health rapidly.

Nightmare Balloon Boy's attacks are:

  • Mega Bite Icon - a red attack that deals high AoE damage to enemies.
  • Bubblebreath - a pink attack that blocks the Toxic air in the Geist Lair.
  • Balloons2 - a blazing orange attack that spawns lots of balloons to damage enemies.

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  • His bio is referred to himself lacking changes from his core counterpart.
  • His attack animation happens to be blur. This is most likely an error.

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