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"Let's get mean!"

- Nightmare Bonnie's loading message

Nightmare Bonnie is a animatronic first appearing in Five Nights at Freddy's 4 and as one of the many counterparts of Bonnie who was replaced by Jack-O-Bonnie in Five Night's at Freddy's 4: Halloween Edition.


Nightmare Bonnie has darkish blue fur. He has two pairs of visible teeth and a large black nose. His eyes are magenta, his irises are yellow, and he has two large ears. He has five sharp points for his hands and three claws for toes. There are rips that expose his endoskeleton and there is a noticeable, large hole in his chest. He also seems to lack the frayed whiskers his original counterpart has.

In FNaF World

Nightmare Bonnie, Bonnie, and all of Bonnie's counterparts are playable characters in FNaF World.

Nightmare Bonnie is an above-average character in the late game; Rainy Day 2 deals decent damage and can lower the enemy's defense, making it a solid first move to throw out to get in extra damage. Bite 2 and Pizza Wheel 2 deal good damage to individual and group targets respectively. However, he is somewhat outclassed compared to other Nightmares, especially Nightmare himself.

Nightmare Bonnie's attacks are:

  • Bite 2 - an orange attack that causes bigger damage to enemies than Bite.
  • Rainy Day 2 - a purple attack that lowers enemy defense while causing some damage.
  • Pizza Wheel 2 - a red attack that hits multiple enemies and will cause a good amount of damage.

Role In Game

Nightamare Bonnie is one of the characters that can be used by the player. He needs to be unlocked to use and is unlocked by defeating him in a random encounter.

Audio Files

Possible Battle Theme for Nightmare Bonnie.

Battle theme snowpier

Should Nightmare Bonnie still hold a guitar?

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  • The eyes of Adventure Nightmare Bonnie seems more fixed then its (freaky and horrifying) FNaF 4 counterpart, as well as Adventure Nightmare Freddy, Adventure Nightmare Fredbear, and Adventure Nightmare.
  • Scott himself might have teased that Nightmare Bonnie was the best Nightmare Animatronic because Nightmare Bonnie's loading screen says, "Let's get mean!". That's because of his attacks Rainy Day 2 (Great attack as it lowers defense of all enemies and causes a good amount of damage), Pizza Wheel 2 (Causes an great amount of damage to various or only one enemy) and Bite 2 (Can cause a good amount of damage to two enemies).
  • Unlike his core counterpart, his ears have two segments instead of three. This is because Nightmare Bonnie uses the same model as Bonnie.
    • Same goes to Plushtrap and Jack-O'-Bonnie.

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