- Paperpal's loading quote.

The Paperpals are a group of three paper plate dolls representing an animatronic, which are Freddy, Bonnie, and the third is known as Paper Buddy.


There are 3 types of Paper Pals. Paper Bonnie, Paper Freddy, and Paper Buddy.

Paper Freddy paper pal has brown features (hat, bow tie, eyes, etc) and is made out of a paper plate.

Paper Bonnie paper pal has purple features (ears, eyes, bow tie, etcetera) and is made out of a paper plate. Paper Bonnie is smiling, winking and crying all at once.

Paper Buddy paper pal has blue and orange features. (orange nose, buttons and arms, blue eyes, legs, and mouth) and is made out of a paper plate.

Prize Ball 2Performs a random advanced attack.
902Swaps out all members of your party for random characters. They go back to normal after the battle is over.
Mimic BallSummons a permanent mimic that duplicates any attacks used (Besides Mystery Box and Mystery Box 2).

In FNaF World

The paper pals are party members you can unlock in FNaF World. They act as support characters for the party.

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  • The Paperpals loading screen may be a reference to the confusion surrounding why Scott added the Paperpals into the game.
  • The Paperpals are one of the three characters that can float, the other being Adventure Marionette and Adventure Nightmarionne.
  • In the party creation menu, Freddy's paper plate is the only one used for the Paperpals' icon.
  • The Paperpals are the only character in the game to be a trio, unless Adventure Nightmare Freddy is counted, as he has two Freddles on his body.
  • In the core series, the Bonnie paper plate doll had a snout, but in FNaF World, it is replaced with a smile.
  • Paper Buddy looks like Balloon Boy.

  • When the Paperpals attack, their faces appear on the back of their plates. This is either a texture error or the effects of marker, as marker usually leaves traces on the back of paper.

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