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The Paperpals originally appeared in Five Nights at Freddy's 2 as simple paper plate decorations in one of the Party Rooms. Later throughout the series, in Five Nights at Freddy's 3, they made a reappearance, and the BB Paperpal would teleport into your office. In FNaF World however, they attack as a trio.


The first Paperpal highly resembles Balloon Boy,and is made up of paper plates. His head has a large smile and two eyes, both painted in blue, and a nose painted in red, which has two black pupils. His body is made up of a significantly larger paper plates, with three red buttons on his belly. He also has two red arms and two blue legs, with all four attached to the body plates. This Paperpal is the smiling one however.

The second Paperpal, resembles Bonnie, is also made up of paper plates. He has two eyes with tear marks painted in purple, along with a large smile. His right eye is missing its white pupil. He has two purple ears attached to its head and a purple bowtie. Like the BB Paperpal, his body is also made up of paper plates with its arms and legs attached to the body plates.

The final Paperpal, resembling Freddy, is also made up of paper plates. Its head consists of two round ears and a brown hat attached to his head, plus he also has brown eyes with two white pupils.He also has a black nose attached on a brown snout. Plus he wears a brown bowtie.

I​n FNAF World

All Paperpals, BB's counterparts, Bonnie's counterparts, and all of Freddy's counterparts, are playable characters in FNAF World.

They have 3 attacks which are-

  • Prize Ball 2, which does a random high tier attack.
  • Mystery Box 2, which swaps out your current party with random playable characters.
  • Mimic Ball, which copies all the actions your party does.

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