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Stop calling me a watermelon.

- Phantom Chica's loading message.

Phantom Chica is a unlockable character in FNaF World, she is based on Phantom Chica from FNaF 3.


Phantom Chica has almost an identical appearance to her core series counterpart, except obviously smaller. Her eyes are just one big white dot with a single white ring around it. Her cupcake is noticeably gone, like her core series character.

Role In Game
Phantom Chica acts as an enemy that can be randomly encountered in Choppy's Woods. Once defeated, Phantom Chica will join your party.

Phantom Chica's attacks are:

  • Toxic Bite - A green attack that damages and poisons one enemy.
  • Sludge - A purple attack that temporarily slows all enemies.
  • Unscrew - A black attack that has a 30% chance of killing one enemy.

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  • Phantom Chica's bio on her loading screen says that she has been called a watermelon several times. Fans call her this due to the fact her phantom textures mixed with her rounded shapes make her look like a watermelon.
  • When battling Phantom Chica, her bib is switched. This is due to the battle sprite being flipped so a new one would not have to be made.
    • This also happens to Nightmare Chica and Withered Chica.
  • Unless if Phantom Freddy is counted, Phantom Chica is the only Adventure Phantom animatronics that never defies logic.

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