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"Because you can never have too much Foxy."

- Phantom Foxy's loading screen.

Phantom Foxy is a unlockable character in fnaf world and the phantomish incarnation of Withered Foxy From Fnaf 3.


Phantom Foxy's appearance is almost identical to his core series counterpart but he is smaller. Like the other phantoms, his eyes are a big white dot containing a white ring around it. Similar to his core series counterpart, his right forearm is absent, with his remaining upper right arm attached, albeit being more tattered and possessing more wires than his original version.

Role In Game

Phantom Foxy is a playable character in FNaF World that can be unlocked via fighting and winning a fight against him which will add him to your party.

Phantom Foxy's attacks are:
  • Jumpscare Icon - A Red attack that stuns enemies for a few seconds.
  • Toxic Bite - a Green attack that poisons the enemy that is hit by the attack.
  • Unscrew - a Black attack that has a 30% chance to instantly kill an enemy.

Should Phantom Foxy have a hook?

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  • Phantom Foxy's loading screen refers to Mangle being the only toy counterpart with other variations.
    • This also refers to him having a counterpart in almost every Five Nights at Freddy's game.
  • When battling Phantom Foxy, his arm position is switched. This is due to the battle sprite being flipped so a new one would not have to be made.
    • This also happens to Withered Bonnie's arm and Funtime Foxy's hook.
  • Phantom Foxy's legs and ears are identified to that of Endo-02's, this also applies to Withered Foxy's, similar to how they were in the main series.
  • Phantom Foxy appears to be taller than Withered Foxy, despite using the same model.
  • His head twitches in an impossible speed when attacking. This defies logic.
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