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"I will eat your soul."

- Shadow Freddy's loading message.

Shadow Freddy is a shadow animatronic that first appearing in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, alongside Shadow Bonnie. He also appeared in the Five Nights at Freddy's 3 minigames and is speculated to be Nightmare in Five Nights At Freddy's 4. Shadow Freddy was believed to be used by Purple Guy in "Five Nights At Freddy's 2" Minigame.


Shadow Freddy uses the same model as Golden Freddy from the second game, but is a dark purple instead of golden-yellow. He has a broken jaw and lacks proper eyes instead, he has two white irises. He is missing his left ear and wires can be seen coming out through the hole. He wears a black hat, a bowtie, and two buttons.

In FNaF World

Shadow Freddy is a playable character unlocked by a random encouter battle. Once defeated he can be used by the player in a party.

Role In Game

All Shadow Freddy's attacks are insta-kill with a chance of killing an enemy instantly. He's a overall useful character until the end if the player is lucky. For players who want powerful attacks that aren't based on chance, he's not recommended.

Shadow Freddy's attacks are:

Unscrew a black attack that has a 30% chance to instantly kill an enemy.

Esckey - a yellow attack that grants a possible instant kill attack but with a lower chance than Unscrew.

Waterhose - a black attack that kills all enemies under 30% health.

  • Originally, Shadow Freddy had Pizza Wheel 2, which was shown in the game teasers.
    • But, it was replaced with Esc Key during the release of the game.
  • If one looks closely, it can be seen that Shadow Freddy's jaw is slightly broken.
    • When he spins his head, his jaw swings along.
  • Unlike Golden Freddy, whom has a similar appearance as him, Shadow Freddy is capable of standing.
    • This is something paranormal, since Shadow Freddy doesn't have an endoskeleton.
  • His bio is only to make him creepier, since most FNAF World characters are adorable.
  • His attacks that have rare chances of damaging enemies is referred to his core counterpart making rare appearances.
  • When he spins his head, there's a spark.
  • The enemy Redbear is a palette swap of him.


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