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were you looking for his possible counterparts Mr. chipper, Chipper's Revenge, or Totemole?

Auto-Chipper is a boss you will fight in Fazbear Hills. He is the first boss you will encounter, however, he can be skipped, making Bouncer the first mandatory boss.


He is a large log with gears spinning on his head and one his side. He has large square teeth that he constantly opens and closes. He also has two large claws that constantly move.


In FNaF World

Auto-Chipper is a boss encountered in FNAF World. It is one of the very first bosses in the game. He is found in Fazbear Hills. He has a black nose and brown/yellow eyes. His eyebrows are a dark brown and he two hands/paws with 3 metal claws. His mouse-like ears constantly move up and down. He bears a slight resemblance with Totemole.

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  • it is probably based on the game Chipper and Sons Lumber Co.
  • Fredbear tells you at the beginning of the game it's have been jumpscaring him all day.
  • Auto-Chipper is implied to have been corrupted in some way, most likely by Either Chipper Or Scott Cawthon.

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