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Were you looking for Beartrap's counterpart Blacktrap?

Beartrap is an enemy found in Blacktomb Yard and was first introduced in FNaF World.


Beartrap is a siver semicircle with teeth, similiar to an real beartrap, the trap is actually sentient, as it has an pair eyes and ears. Beartrap appears to be badly damaged, as the trap itself looks very rusty and one of the eyes is orange while the other is white, implying that one of its eyes got damaged. Beartrap also appears to be telekinetical, as the eyes, ears, and the trap jump at the same time, even though they don't look like they're connected together.


Beartrap's are fought in Blacktomb Yard. They only use the basic attack's and do not have any additional attacks.

In FNaF World

Beartrap is an enemy in FNaF World. They reside in Blacktomb Yard.

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  • Beartrap was not introduced before the game was released.

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