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BlackTomb Yard is a location in FNaF World.


Blacktomb Yard is an area of FNaF World and the final location in the demo version of the game. This is Jump World #5. Blacktomb Yard contains a glitched gravestone which the player can walk through to go into the glitch world to help them find the Red Chip. When entering it, a darkening fog is spread around the screen, with only one circle of light to show where the player is going.

  • The fog is similar to the snow/blizzard effect in Dusting Fields and the lamp lighting from Deep-Metal Mine.
  • The Blacktomb Yard has several gravestones and tombs in it, even though there are no organic life in FNaF World (minus a few birds in the background.) But this could also mean that Blacktomb Yard is actually a "Robot Graveyard." Which explains why all the enemies encountered are withered.