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Were you looking for Bouncepot's counterpart Graveweed?

Bouncepot is an enemy in FNaF World. Bouncepot is one of the weakest enemies in the game, as it only has 15 health. It is found in Fazbear Hills.


It's base is composed of a round pot supporting a green, bulblike head with white pupils and buck teeth. It has a spring-like stem and two wavy arms.


Bouncepots are among one of the easiest enemies to handle in the game, as they are often introductory and are no real threat compared to the other enemies you meet. Beginners should be careful as they often come in big groups and can pack a punch. However in later parts of a game with stronger characters, Bouncepots can be handled VERY easily.

  • Two flies circle at the sides of Bouncepots, implying that they are rotten or the plant may attract wildlife.
  • They look very similar to Graveweed. But Graveweed has a much longer stem.



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