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Where you looking for his counterpart?: Snowcone?

Bouncer is a boss found in Dusting Fields in FNaF World. He is also the first mandatory boss in said game.



Bouncer has the appearance of a big, legless snowman animatronic with minigun barrels for hands, and a smile identical to Balloon Boy. He has two buttons on his chest, two red cheeks, a round carrot nose, and a blue top hat on his head. His eyes are black in color with white irises.

In FNaF World

Bouncer guards a glitched object in Dusting Fields. Bouncer's has an attack where he fires snowballs from his machine guns, doing large amounts of damage.

  • His model, sprite, and attacks are exactly the same as Snowcone
  • Bouncer's name may be a reference to his animation, as he looks like he is jumping.
    • His name may also be a reference to bouncers, who are people that typically work in clubs to provide security.


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