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Were you looking for Brow Boy's counterparts?: Ball Boy or BrowBoy from FNaF World?

Brow Boy is an enemy in the FNAF World Halloween Edition.


Browboy bears much resemblance to Balloon Boy, but has a purple and black striped shirt, a prominent unibrow (hence his name), pink/red eyes, jet-black hair, short legs, and enlarged fists. He bears a orange propeller with a black stem. He also has total 8 teeth. His skin color is a light orange. 

Role In Game

To act as a enemy and to kill your player and stay alive.


  • Browboy first appears in FNaF World: Halloween Edition as an enemy.
    • However, his name was oddly changed from "Brow Boy" to "Browboy." And he was simply a recolor of Ballboy.
  • Browboy is one of the bosses that appears in the "Merry Christmas!" image; three others are Bubba, Porkpatch and Mad Endo.
  • Oddly, there is an animation of Browboy recolored from Ballboy, without the juggling balls. It wasn't used anywhere in the game.
    • This could because Browboy could've been intended to be reused as Ballboy's recolor but it was changed later on.
  • Unlike DeeDee and JJ, Browboy does not have holes in his hands. This also applies to Ballboy.
  • In Browboy's 3D overworld sprite and fighting sprite; his eyes are what appears to be red, while in his 2D overworld sprite, they are brown. However, in the Halloween Edition, they are green.
  • If one looks closely to Browboy, one can see his pants clipping into his shoes.
  • Before the 1.10 update, Browboy's 2D Overworld sprite is missing a propeller.
  • When leaving Pinwheel Funhouse then returning, Browboy will reappear
    • However, this might not be an accident, since All Bosses seem to do the same.


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