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For the version from the Halloween Edition see Brow Boy.

Browboy is one of the boss enemies in FNaF World. He appears to be based off of Balloon Boy from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and twitches violently in the game similar to other BB like characters.


Browboy strongly resembles Balloon Boy from FNaF 2. He wears clothes with purple and black stripes, blue pants, and brown shoes. He also has a hat with black and purple stripes with an orange propeller above it.

Like the name suggests, he has one large, black unibrow that covers most of his forehead. The brow also moves up and down along with Browboy. He has bright red ruby eyes, a round orange nose, and eight teeth. He is one of the characters who does not have fingers, the other characters being The Crying Child, Bouncer, Ball Boy, etc.

Role In Game

Browboy is a Boss/Mini-Boss in Pinwheel Circus, which has no other use but to defeat him.

Audio Files


  • If you pay close attention to Browboy his pants are clipping into his shoes.
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