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Bubba is a bearlike animatronic boss in FNaF World

Bubba is a boss enemy in FNaF World, and appears to be based off of Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's and/or Nightmare Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's 4. He could also be based off the character Bruce from Scott Cawthon's game: "Chipper & Sons Lumber Co.".


Bubba is a bear that has brown skin, with a light brown belly. His endoskeleton is visible from many parts of his body, such as his joints and eyes.

His eyes are yellow, and like the other Freddies, he has two buttons on his chest. He also has bolts on his neck and feet, giving him a Frankenstein-like look.

His fur seems to be very tattered and dirty. And like the other characters, he has four fingers and three toes. A winder is sticking out from his back.

he is very similar to rat from five nights at candy's

He resembles Frankenstein.


Bubba's attacks are known to be Jumpscare and a Basic attack. Health is unknown.

Role Ingame

Bubba is a boss enemy. He is fought in Pinwheel Funhouse. He protects another purple tent that will eventually lead you out of Pinwheel Funhouse.

Audio Files

Possible Battle Theme for Bubba


  • Bubba is one of the largest animatronic's in FNaF World, along with Porkpatch, Scott Cawthon's boss form, and Chipper's Revenge.
  • The 3D overworld sprite of Bubba faces left, as opposed to the battle against Bubba where it faces right.
  • The winder on the back seems to function only at an very basic level, seen how Bubba flail his arms and that his jaw keeps moving.
  • There's a weird glitch that sometimes happens where Bubba won't explode and disappear when you beat him, it's extremely rare.

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