Chica's Magic Rainbow


The screen displaying the win screen

Were you looking for the obnoxious character herself?


Chica's Magic Rainbow is one of the silly minigames added in Update 2. Players control Chica with the WASD keys (& Z Key to jump) while navigating an incredibly frustrating and difficult side scroller.


The course appears to be a cartoonish, happy side scroller that contains checkpoints. However, the players must navigate carefully through many dangers. Sunflowers shoot their petals in the 4 cardinal and 4 diagonal direction; wooden spikes shoot out of the ground (and once, from the sky); logs will hurl themselves at the player`s direction; and the rainbow fires lasers and shoots eyeballs in an attempt to kill the player. The more deaths, the more insulting and angry the Rainbow`s comments become, eventually she calls them a "dumb***". If they die 32 times exactly, Chicas's Magic Rainbow will continuously fire streams of lasers, booting the player out of the minigame if they die again. The rainbow is shown to be angry if the players win the minigame. If the player turns the "Voices" button off, the rainbow will get annoyed and will start shooting lasers, even if the player hasn't moved (Also it's pointless trying to run away when that happens as the laser would be homing after the player, thus killing the player the same way as after dying 32 times).

 When The player Beats the game over 3 minutes, Animdude becomes unlocked, but if said player beats the game "under" 3 minutes, then Mr. Chipper becomes unlocked.


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