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Chop 'N Roll's are enemies encountered in FNAF World. They might be based off of Scott's older game "Chipper's Lumber & Co." They are found in the area "Choppy`s Woods" and exist as enemies in "Foxy Fighters."


Chop `N Roll is an strange, sculpted wooden machine with a wooden log acting as a support and a wheel for it, the front of the log is lined with two vertical sets of light-brown buttons. Strangely, their eyes seem to be sculpted too, with the "iris" permanently affixed to the lower left of the eye socket. Their main weapon of choice are 2 lumberjack axes on either hands. all Chop `N Roll`s wear brown park ranger hats.

Role In game

The Chop `N Roll characters are enemies in FNaF World and are only encountered in the area known as "Choppy`s woods."

They are also the 3rd and final enemy type encountered in the game "Foxy Fighters" having higher health than both gearrat`s and Mechrab`s and capable of firing rockets as opposed to small projectiles.


  • Chop'N Roll is very reminiscent of Chipper and Sons Lumber Company, Scott Cawthon's other game which was the inspiration for FNAF.



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