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Choppy's Woods is a gameplay location in FNaF World that is connected to Fazbear Hills, Lillygear Lake, Dusting fields, Deep Metal mines, Blacktomb Yard and Pinwheel circus. The three former are rather found by warp points than openings.


Choppy`s wood is a forest filled with tree stumps, windmills and rocks, It is implied that the energy source of FNaF World might come from the windmills in this area, but the fact that all the trees were cut off may imply a different type of energy is used here, this area has the least amount of enemies in the entire game, with only 4 types (If Auto-Chipper is counted and Gearrat already introduced in Fazbear Hills.)


Enemies from Fazbear Hills also appear here.



  • Interestingly, the battle background shows some un-chopped trees as well as some tree stumps, which is odd as there are barely any left in Choppy`s wood.
  • Choppy`s wood is the first area where the player learns how to go through glitched objects.
  • If you stand next to the yellow bird on a tree stump you will enter the glitched relam.