Fishing Minigame is an minigame in FNaF World. You can only play this game in Fazbear Hills, where you have to talk to DeeDee and she`ll let you play the game in exchange for tokens.

The game mechanics are simple, Freddy is on a boat with a fishing rod that has an magnet at the end of the string, you have to collect treasures at the bottom of the lake without touching the fish,if you touch the fish, you will lose and you`ll get nothing.

Fish values
  • Pearl - 100 Faz Tokens (Net gain: 90)
  • Orange fish - 1 Faz Token (Net gain: -9)
  • Green fish - 2 Faz Tokens (Net gain: -8)
  • Purple fish - 5 Faz Tokens (Net gain: -5)
  • Blue fish - 10 Faz Tokens (Net gain: 0)
  • Pink fish - 20 Faz Tokens (Net gain: 10)
  • Yellow fish - 50 Faz Tokens (Net gain: 40)
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