Were you looking for DeeDee's counterparts: Adventure Balloon Boy, Adventure JJ, Adventure Phantom Balloon Boy or maybe even Adventure Nightmare Balloon Boy?

DeeDee is a character that appears in FNaF World. She is the owner of DeeDee's infested hole She's the only BB counterpart that isn't player that also isn`t an enemy.

Dee Dee also appears in UCN, but not a customizable character.


DeeDee is similar to Balloon Boy and JJ, albeit with a few changes. DeeDee's cap and shirt are striped pink and yellow, the propeller is much larger, and a single large black button is on their shirt. DeeDee also holds a fishing pole as an accessory.


DeeDee is found in Fazbear Hills. When the player touches her, they can choose to fish in DeeDee's Fishing Hole.

In FNaF World

DeeDee is the owner of DeeDee's Fishing Hole, a minigame in FNaF World. It cost 10 tokens to play and the objective is to hit the pearl.If the pearl is caught you get 100 Faz Tokens.

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Ingame Gallery

Update 1: Lolbit - DeeDee - 8-bit Fredbear - Old Man Consequences - Desk Man

Update 2: Baby

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