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Deep-Metal Mine Is a location in Fnaf World. It is dim when you are walking around in the Overworld with only a little bit of light around you. Deep-Metal Mine can be accessed by going to Blacktomb Yard and glitching through a tree. It will lead to a cave entrance. Go through this entrance and you will be in Deep-Metal Mine.


Deep-Metal Mine has the appearance of an abandoned mine shaft with next to no sunlight,making traversing through this area not an easy one. The main enemy type here are the golems,exclusively found in this area.

Deep-metal mine.png

3d Deep Metal Mine.

Enemies and Bosses


  • Deep-Metal Mine follows the common mechanic for cave levels in RPG games, an maze-like structure with dim lighting.
  • It is unknown what the Mine was exactly used for, but the battle background shows entire mine carts with what seems to be coal inside of them. This likely means that the mines was used for coal mining before being abandoned.