Dusting Fields is a location in FNAF world serving as a snowy area.


All of the trees are bare, and snow is constantly falling. A crow is ocasionally seen here. It also has its own Guardian (Snowcone) and a entrace to a mine It is also rather strange that there`s an huge abandoned Ferris wheel near the entrance to Mysterious Mine, implying that Dusting Fields once was an habitable area similar to Fazbear Hills, but the constant cold and snow might have left it isolated for decades. It is interesting to note that an lone crow is seen in Dusting Fields, possibly there to represent isolation, as the Crow is the only creature present there, as opposed to the enemies that are found there. The background of Dusting Fields is in negative color in *& TWRE (&*___TWRE).


  • BoxByte
  • Chillax
  • Flan
  • Bouncer (mini-boss)
  • Snowcone (Barrier Button Guardian)



  • There is a mysterious figure at the top entrance to the mine.
  • It is revealed in the new 3-D over world that the figure is actually a bulky grey Freddy.

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