Esc. Key is a Yellow attack used by Withered Freddy, Shadow Freddy, and Marionette. This attack works similar to Unscrew 1 & 2. but much weaker than either of them.

Attack type: Yellow (Random)


Esc. Key is one of the more interesting attacks in the game and perhaps one of the strangest, Esc key "flickers" the screen black and white and has a chance of killing all the enemies on the screen, this attack is considered a counterpart off Unscrew 1 & 2, but much weaker than both of them. Esc Key is quite odd as it gives no explanation on how it kills enemies (if it succeeds.) One logical theory is that the user kills the enemy in the dark, as the screen turns dark when Esc. Key is used.

Another theory is that this attack forces the enemies to quit the game, hence the name since in every Scott's game, pressing the Esc key will automatically close the game, instantly killing them.


  • Esc. Key might be the attack that is most likely in causing a seizure, particularly if you look at the animation itself as its flashing lights and quick movement can be hazardous.
  • Not only that, but it is also one of the very few attacks that doesn't explain how it kills enemies. All it does is change the screen black, but it could be that it kills enemies in the "dark."
  • It looks similar to the start of the minigames in FNAF 3.
  • Supergoon can somehow use Esc. Key.


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