Eye Beam is an Red attack used exclusively by Withered Bonnie and Endoplush, and this attack relies heavily on critical hits. If it suceeds on getting a critical hit, the attack's power gets increased dramatically as opposed to its medium damage power that it normally does.

Attack type

Red (all damage).


Eye Beam shoots an red laser beam that damages all enemies on screen, this is true to all Red attacks that function similar. Eye Beam does have something that most other attacks don't have, Critical hits. The attack normally does medium damage to most enemies, but if it gets an critical hit, it can do huge damage to enemies, even if either Withered Bonnie or Endoplush are low leveled, the critical hit is useful for clearing high level enemies or party members.


  • Eye Beam is the most technologically advanced attack in game, as it is capable of shooting a pressurized laser beam upon enemies, which is not possible in real life.


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