FNaF 57: Freddy in Space

Fnaf 57 consists of Enemies. Freddy must make their way through the Level to unlock more Cupcakes and Better guns. The Enemies used in this minigame include Flan and Metalman. Scott exists in the "Final Level" theme part of the game and Metalman exists in the near end of the game as the final obstacle before the Scott Boss Batlle.


The rewards for this minigame is Jack-O-Bonnie when beaten for the first time. However, if Freddy makes it through the entire minigame without getting any Cupcake powerups, they unlock Coffee Pot. When the player collects all power ups, then the player unlocks Purple Guy.

Character List

The Game includes

  • Space Flan
  • Space Freddy
  • Space Cupcake
  • Space Robo Big enemy:Stay at one place and fire an bullet that travels horizontally.
  • Space Metal Man:The last enemy in your path to defeat Scott`s head. Metal Man`s are big, but slow. They fire more deadly bullets and only 3 are present.
  • Space Small enemy: Act like Mario`s Goomba`s. They walk back and forth and are no real threat except for running into them. They are often seen alone or in groups of two.

Cupcake Locations

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