FNAF 57: Freddy in Space is one of the four minigames in Update 2 Found in the halloween update (can also be accessed using a secret route located in Fazbear Hills). It's a platformer where Freddy's mission is to stop Scott's Head from making more random FNAF sequels. You can collect Cupcakes to give your gun new powers.

The keyboard controls for this minigame are as follows:

Use the arrow keys to move left or right and down to crouch/duck.

Z key to jump and X Key to fire your weapon.

Each cupcake collected in this minigame (there are 9 in total so be on the look-out all the time) make your gun become gradually more powerful which makes it easier to take down the variety of enemies scattered throughout FNAF 57 world.

Unlockable characters in FNAF 57:

  1. Jack-O-Bonnie - This halloween version/counterpart of Bonnie is unlocked when the player completes this minigame without collecting all 9 cupcakes.
  2. Coffee - This character is unlocked when the player Defeats Scott's Head and without having picked up a "single" cupcake.
  3. Purple Guy - This Character is unlocked when the player Defeats Scott's Head and having picked up all 9 cupcakes.
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