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Fazbear Hills is the first area in FNaF World. In this area, the player will be able to use Fazbear tokens buy endoskeletons from Mendo to upgrade their defense and play a fishing mini-game with DeeDee to earn Fazbear tokens. It is named after Freddy Fazbear.


Fazbear Hills appears as an hillside area with a village in it, there are several houses which might be homes for the helpers; (Lolbit, Mendo, DeeDee, FredBear) yet there are more houses available, implying that these houses are for the unseen residents, or even for the player. The hills have several trees, rocks and flowerbeds. Yellow butterflies are commonly found in this area. Most of the enemies in this world are introductory enemies, therefore, they are very easy as opposed to the other enemies in the game. A majority of the enemies are based on rodents and crabs. In the 3D version there are trees, flowers and rocks. There also appears to be a Windmill and a building that looks like a town hall.


  • The houses in this biome are taken from The Desolate Hope. You can find them in Malwastes, inside the dome.
  • In the 3D Version of FNaF World, white birds are occasionally seen flying pass Fazbear hills, these birds aren`t present anywhere else in game,which seems rather odd. It is possible that The white birds are actually doves, and doves are supposed to represent peace, which make sense as FNaF World is much cuter and friendlier in compassion with the other FNaF games. Ironically though, FNaF World actually has combat and attacks, leading to the appearance of the "doves" questionable.
  • If the game is left on while the player is in Fazbear hills, there is a chance a large amount of doves will fly and cover up the screen, this also occurs in Choppy`s woods.
  • This is the only area in the entire game to have NPC`s (Mendo, Deedee, Lolbit,Fredbear and Desk man.) Not counting Lolbit and Fredbear who both can be found anywhere on the world map.)


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