FANDOM is an alternative web page to, It was made some days after the FNaF World teaser was completed, the purpose of this page is to show teasers for FNaF World.

For a short time this page was edited, saying that a hacker named "lolz_hax" will release FNaF World at 6:00 pm CST October 28, 2015. The "Game" was actually a troll version of the real game.

Also another thing added was The Kitten from Kitty In The Crowd.

Now on the logo is missing with two eyes with a green tint staring at you. Some believe this is a hint to Fnaf 6. It is currently unknown.


Info on website

The website had the finished teaser image of FNaF World. Currently, it has a grey image with a grey logo. On November 2nd, for about 1 hour, the grey image was changed to Adventure Mangle hanged from the ceiling with the text saying ''See what you've all done?''. some people think if you brighten up the image you see mangle chewing on a paddle ball. but that's not true


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