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Freddles where   Adventure Nightmare Freddy's exclusive attack in the initial release version of the game, however, since Update 2, it is now shared with Adventure Nightmare Fredbear. When activated, multiple Freddles will charge across the screen, dealing massive damage to all enemies, even more so than most Red attacks, which all behave similar. It can also be used with the Freddle: Fury chip.

Attack type: Red (All-Damage)

Output GoHli0

Freddle Animation


Freddles is quite simple to understand, despite of how late Nightmare Freddy is encountered in game. Nightmare Freddy will summon an horde of Freddles that will charge across the battle field, hitting random enemies for decent ammounts of damage each (between 30 to 60 on average)

This attack behaves similar to Pizza Wheel, as both of them summon a particular object or being that damage anything on screen, however, Freddles is considred the stronger version, compared to Pizza Wheel 1 and 2.

  • In the initial release of the game, or Update 1, within the party creation/changer screen, the screen said that Adventure Nightmare Fredbear had Freddles as an attack, which was likely either a mistake with the party screen or the attack, made by Scott Cawthon. (It is most likely the later considering the changes made in Update 2.)
    • However, Update 2 fixed this mistake by changing Bad Pizza to Freddles.
  • The fan community named them Freddles.
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