Geist Lair is an new area introduced in Update 2, most of the enemies seen here have no 3D form, and therefrom go into an 8 bit form. The boss of the area is Purplegeist but in reality is actually Chica`s Magic Rainbow.


Unlike most other areas in game, Geist Lair is filled with toxic gas that will deplete party members health rapidly if an pink attack known as Bubble Breath isn't used. Purplegeist from FNaF World appears as the final boss here, but it is crushed by Chica's Magic Rainbow, effectively becoming the true final boss. There are only two known ways to get out of the Geist Lair, a portal where you got in, or defeating Chica's Magic Rainbow(Character). Strangely, it seems that the Geist Lair`s layout looks very similar to that off Pinwheel Circus, implying that Geist lair is actually an counterpart of that location.

  • P.goon
  • Jangle
  • Neon
  • Purplegeist
  • Chica's Magic Rainbow (boss)



  • The Geist`s lair color is purple, likely to foreshadow the battle against Purplegeist.
  • This is the only level that all enemies (minus Chica`s Magic Rainbow) are pixelated.
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