FNAF World - How to get to Halloween Backstage

FNAF World - How to get to Halloween Backstage

Halloween Backstage is a secret world of FNAF WORLD.
Nightmare Puppet

One of the characters

The Halloween Update characters are in that world.


The Characters are:



-Nightmare BB





The Minigames Are:

-Chica's Magic Rainbow [If you beat it, you get Animdude. If you beat it in three minutes or less, you get Mr. Chipper.]

-Foxy Fighters [If you beat it with rank B or less, you get Jack-O-Chica. If you beat it with A rank, you get Nightmare BB]

-Foxy.EXE [If you beat it you get Nightmarionne]

-FNAF 57 [If you beat it with all cupcakes, you get PurpleGuy. Without them, you get Coffee. If you beat it, you get Jack-O-Bonnie]

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