Haunting is an attack in Five Nights at Freddy's World. It is used by Golden Freddy, Shadow Bonnie (AKA RXQ), Jack-O-Bonnie and Jack-O-Chica. It summons a Freddy/Fredbear-like ghost that has a chance of petrifying the enemies.

Attack type

Yellow (random)


Haunting is an attack used exclusively by Golden Freddy, Shadow Bonnie (RWQFSFASXC), Jack-O-Bonnie, and Jack-O-Chica as they are the only ones of the cast to be a ghost-like being. Haunting summons a ghostly version of Fredbear/Freddy that is capable of turning enemies into stone.



  • Oddly enough, Shadow Freddy, Crying Child and potentially the phantoms, who are also implied to be ghosts, are unable to use this attack.
  • However, Shadow Freddy was clearly meant to only have fatal attacks, so Haunting would not be fitting for that implication.
  • The fact that Haunting is capable of turning enemies into solid stone might be a reference to Medusa, a monster who petrified anything or anyone that looked directly at her face. This is logical as the Freddy ghost are facing the enemies once summoned.
  • In the mobile version, the enemies doesn't have an animation. So it's hard to tell that when you will be using haunting on them that they will freeze and their colors are still the same.
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