How to become admin or moderator
To become an admin or a moderator, this wiki must first gain your trust. Then you may ask any of the admins (preferably The Head of Wiki).When you go into a admin's user page, click "Message Wall" and ask them to be Admin or Moderator, depending on what role you feel like you need. However, you must first reach about 250 points (from achievements) for the Moderator role and 500 for the Admin role.

The answer will be varied on how you have helped this wiki, how many edits you have, and if we think you are trustworthy. If all of the admins agree that you have been good enough for the Moderator role, then we will make you a Moderator.

Do not ask for a promotion when you're still new to the wiki, please, as your request will be denied.

Users to Ask



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