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Leon Riskin is the composer of FNaF Worlds music. Two of his creations have been released by Scott Cawthon to the public through They are titled: "Ice Caves" and "Battle Theme".

he has also composed the score for Sister Location including its menu theme, trailer theme, TV music, ballora's music box (Crumbling Dreams), the death mini-game (Breaking Turtle Shells) and an ambience peice (Watch Your 6).


Ice Cave's Theme

Ice Cave Theme

Battle Theme

Battle Theme

8Bit Travel Theme 2

8bit travel theme 2

8Bit Travel theme

8bit travel 1

Battle Theme inverse

Battle theme inverse

Battle Theme snowpier

Battle theme snowpier

Boss theme melt

Boss theme melt

Broken 8bit

Broken 8bit

Broken theme fear

Broken theme fear

City Theme

City theme

Dungeon Theme

Dungeon theme