Lilygear Lake is the fourth area in FNaF World. It is an water based area which is unique as compared to most areas in game. Getting around in this area is different than in the other areas of the game. Instead of just walking around, you ride a boat through the lake. On the 8-bit version of the

game, you would ride on a lily pad.


Lillygear Lake is one of the more interesting areas in the game. You control a lily pad/boat to move around and find things. The scenery is a lake with lily pads, dead plants, and rocks. In the 3D version, the dead plants have been replaced with mushrooms; this may imply that the lake is actually an swamp.


Some enemies encountered in Lilygear Lake include Colossal, the squid from Chipper and Sons Lumber Co.; Crabapple, a red-orange crab; and Seaweed, a green, slime-like creature resembling Flan. Occasionally, the mini-boss Seagoon, a large, blue squid-like creature with many tentacles, may appear.

Why It's Important
  • The bottom of the Lilygear Lake leads to the Blacktomb Yard, once it is unlocked.
  • In the lower left-hand corner is the boss Porkpatch and the key, which is required to finish the game.
  • On the right-hand side is a warp point, which leads to a large yellow tent. Inside is the Pinwheel Circus.
  • The top right-hand corner contains a lock, a button, and a guardian boss.
  • The top left-hand corner leads to another section of the Mysterious Mine, and a Glitched object which is used to go to the Blacktomb Yard.

  • Ironically, all of the enemies are named and based off creatures found in the sea, These includes crabs, squids and seaweed.


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