Mendo's Endo-Upgrades is a shop where you can buy Endoskeleton upgrades to increase your parties' defense. This shop are owned by Mendo, a blue endoskeleton that bears a lot of resemblance to both Endo-01 and the Titanium Endoskeleton. There's only one shop spread across the world, located near DeeDee's Fishing Hole and Lolbit's Byte Store at Fazbear Hills.

The Endoskeleton Upgrades available at this shop are as follows:

  • StartEndo

    The Basic Endoskeleton

    The Basic Endoskeleton is the default already equipped upgrade, it gives +0 Defense. This appears to Endo-01's Torso, the endoskeleton from FNaF 1.

  • Rein-ton

    The Reinforced Endoskeleton

    The Reinforced Endoskeleton gives Defense +10 and costs 250 Faz Tokens. This appears to be Endo-02's Torso, the Endoskeleton from FNaF 2.

  • Steleton

    The Steel Endoskeleton

    The Steel Endoskeleton gives Defense +20 and costs 1500 Faz Tokens. This upgrade appears as a light-beige or green, slightly larger version of the basic upgrade.

  • Titanium

    The Titanium Endoskeleton

    The Titanium Endoskeleton gives Defense +100 and costs 9000 Faz Tokens.The Titanium Endoskeleton is the strongest and most expensive, and seems to use the same model as the Steel Endoskeleton, but a bit wider and with four buttons instead of one, and the metal is blue rather than the light-beige.

Very important note: Because for some unknown reason, there doesn't seem to be an option visually available that would allow the player to swap between equipped Endoskeleton upgrades (meaning that for example if the player purchased the Titanium one then the reinforced one, this means the player basically blown his/her chance to have/keep the best necessary protection needed to stay alive during battles, also probably meaning that Scott Cawthon either intentionally did this or forgot to add said option by mistake, no one knows why that happened, so the answer currently remains unknown). Because of this, in order to get the most out of those upgrades, it is best recommended that the player starts with the 1st one on the left hand side, going to the right, buying them 1 at a time, and NOT skipping straight to the 3rd upgrade, otherwise the consequence mentioned above will take place.

  • PS: The Total number of Faz Tokens needed to get all 3 upgrades is: 10750
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