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Meringue is a cake-like enemy that is similiar to Half-Bake and Mudpie, as opposed to either of them, Meringue looks more like an actual cake without any facial accessories. It is primarily found in Pinwheel Circus.


Meringue is a brown chocolate cake with yellow frosting and orange toppings (Probably orange). However, this enemy has no facial accessories. Or no face at all.

In FNaF World

Meringue is an enemy in FNaF World. You can only fight it when you are in Pinwheel Circus. They can use Snowball in addition to their basic attack.

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  • Meringue wasn't introduced in the FNaF World teasers
  • Meringue is the only character in the entire game to be based on a type of food.
  • While Meringue does not have a FNaF World: Halloween Edition counterpart, its design could have been inspired by Half-Bake and Mudpie from said game.
  • Meringue is one of the three characters to lack irises, the others being White Rabbit and Scott Cawthon.


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