Mic Toss is an starter attack used exclusively by Freddy, Toy Freddy and Withered Freddy.

Attack type

Orange attack, which is basic and hits one enemy.


Freddy or Toy Freddy throw their Mic at an random enemy, the mic will then explode upon contact with said enemy. This attack is however inferior to most attack that are later learned in FNaF World, as Mic Toss only damages one enemy at an time while most attacks could damage all enemies on the screen, Mic Toss also suffers from minor damage, same with most Orange attacks, which function more like "tutorials" as they`re more easier to understand than most other attacks in the game.


  • Mic Toss, along with most Orange attacks (Bite 2 is an exception) are not advised in either final bosses of Normal or Hard difficulty, due to their light damages that they do.
  • Phantom Freddy, Shadow Freddy, Golden Freddy and Fredbear do not use Mic Toss even if they have one. The reason for this is because:
    • Phantom Freddy is a phantom, so he is focused on debuffs.
    • The others are because they are too powerful for Mic Toss. Instead, they have attacks like Unscrew, Rainy Day 2 or Mega Bite.
    • Mic Toss is the only attack that uses an prop/item as a means of damage, Hook could be counted if the actual hook instead of a cresent shaped slash was seen.


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