Mimic Ball is a Yellow Attack and is used by the Paperpals, Fredbear, Mr. Chipper and Shadow Bonnie/RXQ. It can also be activated by the chip Auto: Mimic.


The Mimic Ball is a yellow semicircle-shaped entity with a smiling face and blue eyes. There is a blinking orb attached to an antenna on the top of its head. When activated, the normally yellow body turns a blinking red, and its expression turns angry.


When Mimic Ball activates, Virtua Freddy appears and uses the attack that was previously used. The Mimic Ball is essential for using heavy attacks on enemies or bosses that are either have a high level or in a group.

The effect is not permenant, as it only lasts for the duration of the battle, but the Mimic Ball is a great way on stacking up damages or attacks. You should use this attack frequently in hard battles, especially on the final boss, of either Normal or Hard difficulty.


  • The Mimic Ball's design might be a reference to the Potato Mine from Plants VS Zombies. Both have a round head, the head is the only thing showing, and there is a small antenna on the head.
  • For some reason, it sometimes does not work and does not work on challengers. This is probably a bug.


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