Neon Wall is an yellow attack used exclusively by Endo-02, Endoplush and Animdude along with the Auto: Shield chip. This attack summons a purple holographic shield that can be vital for surviving the final bosses in the game.

Attack type: Yellow


Neon Wall creates a purple holographic barrier that faces left to protect the player's party. Neon Wall is one of the most important and useful attacks in the game, as it is very useful when taking on Chipper's Revenge, Scott Cawthon (Boss), and Security. It can also be useful on the glitched enemies. Neon Wall takes away 50% of all damage taken by enemy attacks, which makes it capable of migitating powerful attacks like Snowball and Alarm. One should take note that Neon Wall will negate Alarm completely.


  • Neon Wall is, along with Eye Beam, the most technologically advanced attack in game.


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