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Old Man Consequences is a unique character in FNaF World. He is found in the 4th level of the Glitch World, And can be battled and killed if you have unlocked every other ending and gone to the 4th level at least 2 times before. Does not attack in battle, And does no damage.


Old Man Consequences is a red-figure with a fishing rod and uneven teeth. He looks somewhat like a crocodile.


He appears to be sitting on a log with his fishing rod cast into the lake. He will talk to the player once they get close enough.

In FNaF World

When the player enters the 4th layer, he will talk to them when they come close enough to him. He tells them they went too deep into the code and that they are screwed there. After he finishes talking, the screen will say 'the end'.


I'm sorry to say that you have gone too deep into the code. There is no way back out. You are screwed.
My name is Old Man Consequences. I've been rotting here for a while. But I've gotten used to it. Come have a seat, and let's fish for a while. You have nothing else to do. This is your end.

After he finishes speaking, the end will appear on the screen in all lowercase.


  • Old Man Consequences occupies one of the endings in FNaF World.
  • Old Man Consequences is one of the four unique characters in FNaF World, the others are DeeDee, Lolbit, and Mendo.
  • He is a character in UCN (Ultimate Custom Night)

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