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Are you looking for Overclock's counterparts Mad Endo, Gold Endo, Mad Endo (Halloween edition)? Overclock is a boss in FNaF World. He acts as one of the guardians to Security.

In FNaF World

Overclock protects a button that you are required to press in order to defeat Security. His basic attack deals high damage and it can use Unscrew as well.


 Their appearance is the same as Mad Endo's, except he sways more and has a more obvious angry expression on his face. Other then that he retains the gray metallic coloring on his body and normal humanlike eyes.

Role Ingame

The main role of Overclock is to act like a boss. The player must defeat Overclock to be able to press the button Overclock is guarding to open the path to Security.

Battle Strategy


Because this particular boss seems to be the most aggressive with its bash attack being used every 2-3 seconds, plus there's very little to no chance for survival against it with weak party members, it is recommended that the player equips the following items "before" fighting it:

  1. The 3 boss bytes can help drain its health while waiting to get to "Gift Boxes" to revive the dead party members.
  2. The following 4 chips, once equipped will ease the fight:
  • Counter: Bite will cause it to get bitten back every time it hits a party member.
  • Auto: Mimic is useful for spamming Gift Boxes and the party members attack moves.
  • Auto: Shield is useful for blocking off 50% of its attacks.
  • Curse: Status can help lower his Defense, Strength and Speed, rendering its attacks against the party members useless for a short amount of time.



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