P.Goons are a new type of enemy found in Geist Lair, an area introduced in Update 2 along with other enemies.


P. Goon is a pixelated skeleton colored in pink with moving jaws, purple-colored eyes and a nose. It sport with a long neck, arms, and legs. 


Basic Blue bubble attack     Deals large ammounts of damage to a single party member
4RTH WALL.       Deals 400 or more damage to all party members and pierces through defense. Can instantly kill them. Only blocked by Neon Wall 2.
ALARM    Sends out five flashing balls that deals 9999 damage to independent party members. Can instantly kill them. Can be blocked by Neon Wall, the chip "Auto Shield" or Neon Wall 2.
ESC KEY   This attack can insta-kill more than one party member, but it has a lower chance than Unscrew.
JUMPSCARE   Stuns all party members for a few seconds.
SNOWBALL   Summons an amount of snowballs that can give high damage.
TOXIC BITE   Poisons all party members. The poison deals damage over time. On P. Goon's case, it has a chance to instantly kill all party members, but is unlikely.
WATERHOSE   Kills all party members under 30% health.


  • P. Goon is one of three enemies to be completely pixelated with the two others being Jangle and Neon
  • The letter "P." in the enemy's name more than likely stands for "PurpleGeist," implying that the enemy works under PurpleGeist.
    • It's possible that it stands for "Purple Goon" and/or "Pink Goon".
  • Neon, Jangle and P. Goon could be references to the FnaF world: Halloween Edition. This is further supported by the facts that they only appear in a Halloween-themed area, and that all of the enemies in FNaF World: Halloween Edition are pixelated, and that the supposed boss of the area is PurpleGeist, who was the final boss in the Halloween Edition.
    • However, there were no enemies in the Halloween Edition named P. Goon. The closest equivalent may be an enemy called Mini-P.
  • P. Goon has every attack that Chipper's Revenge does, plus Alarm. The same applies to Neon and Jangle.

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