The Pinwheel Circus is a location in FNAF World.


The Pinwheel Circus is very similar to the Pinwheel Funhouse. Once again, walking through the purple tent will take you to a different part of Pinwheel Circus. Most of the enemies here are based off circus related things, like Ball boys,Biplanes, and many more. On the first time that the player enters it, there will be some glowly walls blocking the path that would lead to Security that will disappear as the player beats Guardians (harder version of bosses on all locations, except Choppy's Woods, Blacktomb Yard and Pinwheel Circus) and pressing the buttons behind them. On Choppy's Woods, instead of a Guardian, there will be a portal leading to the Clock Ending if the player got all Clocks. The enemies found in pinwheel circus are probably the most strangest and out of place of all enemies locations in the game. While Ball Boy fits perfectly with the circus themed area, Dogfight and Meringue seems very out of place, same with Brow Boy and especially Security.


  • Ball Boy
  • Dogfight
  • Meringue
  • Brow Boy (Boss)
  • Security (Final Boss)

  • On the 8-Bit version of the game, a purple tent would lead to Pinwheel Funhouse, however on the 3D version it was changed to a green tent.
  • In the demo, there is a END OF DEMO wall before Browboy. You cannot pass throught it.
  • In the mobile version, the ambiance for this location is the ambiance of Fazbear Hills.
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